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Backstage, under the Q lights there is a whole world of movement and activity going on behind the curtain. Building from my education I'm pursued a career as a teaching artist. This has brought me across the country to fulfill a passion to serve others and inspire the future artists to creative possibilities. In between shows and class i consider myself an adventurer. Continue reading for an insight into my time outside of the theatre or click the tab to read example lesson plan, studio work I've completed, and a look at my acting career. 

All the Coffee.

In my free time I love hanging out in coffee shops. Trying the local flavor or concussion, enjoying the vibe of the shop, and sitting to reflect, work, or read to relax into the space. Almost every Saturday you'll find me in a coffee shop trying something new. 

Leave No Trace.

Having worked in professional camping for the past seven summers, you have to be in love nature. Hiking, kayaking, canoes, biking, rock climbing, swimming, you name it. I'm there! I honestly go crazy if I'm stuck inside for too long. I roll my windows down while I drive, and a breath of fresh air soothes me like nothing else. Sometimes climbing and hiking can be insanely challenging and difficult but the adventure and the views are worth it.

Painting up a Storm.

A hobby of mine is acrylic painting, I prefer bright colors, especially light greens. The larger the canvas the more fun I have. With broad strokes and a little inspiration I love jamming to acoustic music and working on abstract pieces. People always say I should sell my work but so far each piece has been made personal and I would rather it be a gift than a product. 

Eating can be a Competitive Sport.

Favorite food? Salad. I know, it's almost un-American. I'm told that all the time. Don't get me wrong, I can eat chicken tenders and chocolate chip cookies like the next human but I love some leafy greens. 

Laugh Out Loud.

Improv was my younger brother's passion first but I soon joined him to help establish our own troupe in high school. Lazy As Pie, was our improv troupe that worked like Comedy Sportz, splitting the group in two and having the teams compete in games to gain laughs and win the golden pie. In college, I auditioned for Alan’s Hot Tub. This was our improv troupe made up of theatre majors and improv enthusiasts. Rehearsals covered short form and long form improv and we performed in the student union building primarily for all of Centenary’s students to enjoy. We were also hired to run team building seminars at local businesses in Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Power Tools and Small Children.

I have worked with power tools for over ten years now. Maybe that's not a long time, but I get some looks when I say I taught woodshed for four of those years to children as young as six. Crafting with a bandsaw, drill, and some paint is just an amazingly thrilling art form. To teach children the significance of doing and fixing something for yourself is priceless. 


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Set of Urinetown
Theatre Department Paint War
Sanding at Tech Call
Saturday Morning Tech Call
Centenary College of Louisiana
Devising in Philadelphia
Maid in Mardi Gras
Snow in Chicago
Rhino Coffee
Kayaks in Seattle
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