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Written by Lindsey Price

Photo Creds: Abigail Dillard

ALL: Walls.
JANE: So high you can’t see over them.
JAMES: So high you can’t see anything on the other side.
JAMIE: Sometimes I feel surrounded.
JOAN: Sometimes I feel so shut out.
JANE: I can’t get through to them.
JAMES: I just can’t get through to them.
JAMIE: They don’t see me.
JOAN: They don’t see me anymore.
JANE: They don’t see the real me.
JAMES: They just don’t see.
ALL: Walls.

      Scene work. Walls is an abstract look at generational barriers. Through the lens of a father, mother, daughter, and son we're asked if the expectations of familial life are everything one hopes for or looks forward too. 

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