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Moments of living potential



Type: Devised
Number of Actors:  20
Stage Type: Found Space 

Location: Centenary
Date: April 2015
Description: It's thrown around the theatre all the time. The saying, "Be yourself." But what does that mean? When you come into Centenary or college, in general, you are told that this is the place where you can become anything you want to be. Now, think of the theatre. Now, you don't just get to be whatever you want to be but you could also have the opportunity to step into multiple people's shoes throughout four years of experience. So, after trying on all these different shoes, do your feet hurt? That's an honest question. Did you lose yourself in developing all of these other characters? Do you remember who you even are at the core? As this is an original production, the cast was asked the following questions;

   Why are you here?

   What story do you have to tell?

   Why Centenary?

   Why Marjorie Lyons Playhouse?

   What do you truly want to do here?

   What is your dream past this?

   Are we helping you get there? Are we not?

   Are you helping this theatre family grow in a positive direction? If not, why?

With these questions answered, monologues were created for each member of our department to present. Behind each piece was added a movement component to add to the full production. 


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