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Adapted By: Bryony Lavery
Written By: Robert Lewis Stevenson

Type: Adaptation
Number of Actors: 18

Stage Type: Thrust
Location: Baylor
Date: Feb. 2022
Description: This tale you most likely know by Robert Louis Stevenson, is adapted for the stage by Bryony Lavery who introduces us to a crop of blood-thirsty female pirates. The story propelled by Jim Hawkins as a girl at the blush of confusing hormones seeks the glitter of treasure, adventure, and danger over the life she’s always been sheltered in. But this treasure is more than coins in a box, it's where we really discover something about ourselves and what matters most in the unmooring of life as we know it. The onslaught of characters in this show from family, towns people and of course pirates act as playable constructs. With the good and bad, we explore conflict, comedy, and ‘scariness’ on the magnificent ship of the Hispaniola. With the stars our guiding light, we will navigate the world around us as a community, a crew and hopefully not feel so shipwrecked or abandoned.


  • Awarded Student Senate Bill of Support for Inclusive Casting and Highlighting Female Voices in the Arts for the Direction of Treasure Island  


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