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Type: Devised
Number of Actors: 20

Stage Type: Found Space
Location: Centenary
Date: April 2016
Description: Why do we treat people differently? What are our actions preceded by? What do we think about? Care about? Through a series of workshops, Centenary's Theatre Department experimented with answering these questions and many more. The final question, "Why unto others?" The answer was found through movement exercises. From scene 1 we challenged the theory of acceptance, Scene 2 we looked behind the structure to the person behind the mask, Scene 3 we fought the monotony of life as a part of a whole, Scene 4 we explored the concepts of activism vs. "clicktivism." In scenes 5-7 we backtracked in an effort to solve the problem together. In Scene 8 we closed with our answer, a poem written by John La Costa in our department, "Why unto others? Because unto us." 


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