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folklore project



Type: Devised 
Number of Actors: 7

Stage Type: Black Box 
Location: UNA
Date: Oct. 2022
Description: Our prompt was to craft an original fable or folklore story we think should be in the world today. The creative team of this production has crafted a folktale that incorporates seven theatrical stories inspired by local North Alabama folklore. Following the character of Elsie, you will meet Annie, Chuck, Marcus, Sylvie, Julianna, and Florence. We will take you on a journey through time and timelines pulling universal lessons that should influence our own idea of community and the power of storytelling. 


  • Nomination for BroadwayWorld Birmingham Awards for Best Ensemble for The Folklore Project

Reprisal: The Folklore Project was workshopped and reprised to travel to the 2022 SETC Fringe Festival.


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